NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 220
                           INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  02   Accelerometers
  04   Actuators and Controls (For Robotics, Servo Systems, etc.)
  06   Charts: Flowmeter, Receiver, Recorder
  07   Clinometers and Inclinometers (For Slope and Tilt Measurements)
  09   Conductivity Instruments (For Dissolved Solids)
  13   Examination Equipment: Current, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle,
  14*  Energy Computerized Control Systems for HVAC, Lighting, Utilities,
       etc. Combination
  15   Flow Controllers, Indicators, Calibrators, and Recorders (For Air
       and Gases)
  16   Flow Controllers and Recorders (For Liquids)
  18   Gauges: Altitude, Pressure, Profile, Temperature, Liquid Level, etc.
  19   Gyroscopic Instruments
  20   Hazardous Environment Detection and Measuring Equipment
  22   High Vacuum Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders and Accessories:
       Ionization Gauges, Thermocouple Gauges, etc.
  29*  Imaging Systems, Infrared Thermal (Not X-Ray)
  30   Indicating and Recording Instruments, Equipment and Accessories
       (Not Otherwise Classified)
  33   Liquid Level Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders
  34   Logging Devices, Electronic (Long-Range Data Collection and
       Recording for Use at a Remote Location)
  36   Oscillographs (Cathode-Ray Recording Systems) and Accessories
  42   Photoelectric Control Devices
  43   Position Measuring Devices (X-Y Coordinates)
  45   Pressure Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders
  46   Pressure Converters
  48   Radar Instruments (Marine Type), and Accessories: Magnetrons, etc.
  53   Radiant Energy Measuring Devices (For Visual, UV, and IR): Light
       Meters (Except Photographic), Photometers, Pyranometers, Radiometers
  54   Recorders and Plotters, General Laboratory Type (Strip Chart, X-Y,
       etc.), and Supplies: Chart Paper, Developing Chemicals, Ink,
       Penholders,Pens, etc. (See 690-62 for Power Generation Type)
  55   Recycled Recording, Controlling and Indicating Instruments and
  60   Sonar Instruments, Research Type
  61   Sound Analysis Equipment and Accessories: Noise Meters and
       Dosimeters, Sound Level Meters, etc. (Including Noise Control
       Enclosures, etc)
  63   Strain Gauges, Force Gauges, and Associated Instruments: Strain
       Gauge Conditioners, Stress-Strain Plotters, etc.
  66   Stroboscopes and Tachometers (Except Automotive)
  68   Surface Profile Measurement Equipment
  72   Temperature Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders (Digital
       Thermometers, Pyrometers, etc.), and Accessories: Thermistors,
  75   Transducers and Couplers
  84   Vibration Detecting and Measuring Equipment: Geophones, Seismic
       Amplifiers, Seismographs, etc.
  85   Vibration Generating Equipment: Piezoelectric, Sonic, Ultrasonic,
  87*  Weather Instruments: Anemometers, Barographs, Barometers,
       Hygrometers, Lightning Strike Counters, Relative Humidity Meters,
       Thermographs,Radar Weather Display, etc.
  88*  Weather Station

     * - This item may contain an Automated Information
         Systems(AIS)/Telecommunications component or service.