NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 175

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  03   Aprons and Gloves, Laboratory: Plastic, Rubber, etc.
  06   Bacteriological Plugging Material, Cotton or Synthetic
  08   Balances and Accessories
  10   Burners, Heat Guns, Hot Plates (With or Without Stirring), Mantles,
  11   Cells and Cuvettes (For Photometry and Spectrometry)
  12   Ceramic Ware, All Types (Laboratory)
  13   Chemicals, Laboratory (ACS, CP, Practical, Reagent Grade, etc.)
  14   Chromatography Supplies: Developing Tanks, Columns, Packing,
       Septums, TLC Plates, etc.
  15   Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Laboratory
  16   Cocktails (Solutions), Liquid Scintillation
  17   Containers (For Liquefied or Compressed Gases), Laboratory Sizes:
       Dewar Flasks, Gas Cylinders, Lecture Bottles, etc.
  19   Crushers and Grinders (Metal and Stoneware): Ball Mills, etc.
  22   Dialysis Equipment and Supplies: Cells, Fittings, Membranes, Motors,
        Tanks, Tubes, etc.
  23   DNA or RNA Acids (Nucleic, etc.) Including Extraction, Purification,
        Quantification and Sequencing Equipment
  24   Dishes, Evaporating and Other Metal Vessels (For Platinum See Class
  25   Drying Equipment, Laboratory
  27   Electrode Sensing Meters and Electrodes: Dissolved Oxygen, pH,
       Specific Ion, etc.
  28   Electrophoresis Supplies: Gel Materials, Plates, Strips, Tubes,
       Wicks, etc.
  29   Extraction, Digestion, and Distillation Apparatus, Specialized:
       Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, etc.
  32   Filtering Apparatus and Filters (For Liquids)
  33   Filter Paper and Membranes
  36   Furnaces and Heaters, Laboratory
  39   Glass Pipe and Fittings
  40   Glassware, Laboratory, Custom-Made (Specialized Fabrication Only)
  42   Glassware, Laboratory (Stock Only)
  44   Glassware Washing Compounds
  46   Holders, Glass Tube
  47   Hydrometers and Pyconometers, Glass, Lab
  48   Incinerators, Laboratory
  49   Interval Timers and Actuators, Electrical and Mechanical
  51   Ion Exchange Materials: Liquids, Resins, etc.
  54   Laboratory Supplies: Asbestos Squares, Corks, Files, Glass Cutters,
       Ring Stands, Stopcock Grease, Tongs, Wire Gauze, etc.
  55   Melting Point Apparatus
  57   Metal Ware, Laboratory
  60   Ovens, Laboratory
  62   Papers, Laboratory
  65   pH Buffer Solutions, Indicators, and Papers
  66   Pipette Pullers
  67   Pipetters and Dispensers
  68   Plastic Ware, All Types
  70   Porcelain Ware, All Types
  71   Platinum Ware: Boats, Crucibles, Dishes, etc.
  72   Precious Metals (All Forms, Including Salts): Gold, Platinum Group
       Metals, and Silver
  74   Reagents and Chemicals, Ultrapure (Meeting Higher Standards than
       Ordinary Reagent Grade, etc.)
  75   Refractometers
  76   Recycled Chemicals and Laboratory Accessories and Supplies
  77   Sand, Cement Testing
  78   Screening and Sieving Apparatus and Accessories: Riffle Samplers,
       Sieve Shakers, etc.
  79   Solvent Reclaiming Unit, Cleaning
  80   Stainless Steel Ware, All Kinds
  82   Stirrers, Blenders, Homogenizers, Mixers and Shakers
  84   Stoppers, Rubber and Synthetic
  85   Syringes, Laboratory, Manual and Automatic
  87   Thermometers, General Laboratory Type
  88   Transformers, Variable, Laboratory Type
  89   Tubing, Plastic, All Types
  90   Tubing, Rubber, All Types
  91   Tubing, Steel (Laboratory Type)
  92   Tubing, Glass
  93   Water Baths and Steam Baths (Except Recirculating and Shaking)
  95   Water Purification Apparatus and Treatments (For Distilled, Reagent
       Water, etc.)