NIGP Commodity Book

NIGP Commodity Book


NIGP Class-Item Codes contain 5-digits. To obtain the five digit code, combine the three digit class code with its corresponding two digit item number.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code displayed here is copyrighted material that is to be used for reference purposes only and may not be downloaded without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

                                  CLASS: 120

                    Item Number and Commodity Descriptions

  05   Agitators, Fish Tank
  08   Airboats and Inflatible Boats
  10   Anchors
  11   Animal Capture Guns and Accessories
  12   Bait, Fish
  13   Battery Boxes, Marine
  14   Barges
  15   Bells, Ship
  16   Bilge Pumps and Boat Bailers
  17   Control Systems, Environmental (Boat, Ship, Marine)
  18   Boat Components (Not Otherwise Classified)
  19   Boat Fenders
  20   Boat Ramps and Parts
  21   Boats, 21 Feet and Under
  22   Boats, Recreational (Not otherwise Listed)
  23   Boats, Over 21 Feet (Including Ferries)
  24   Boats, Pedal and Pontoon
  25   Bridges, Passenger Loading
  26   Buoys, Marker
  27   Bollards (Mooring Devices)
  28   Communications Equipment, Marine
  29   Camels (Structure to Lift Submerged Vessels)
  30   Canoes and Kayaks
  31   Cranes, Container
  32   Chiller, Water, Large Flow Capacity (To Chill Hatchery Water)
  33   Depth Finders or Indicators
  34   Culture Equipment and Supplies, Fish (Aquaculture; Pisciculture)
  35   Docks and Piers, Fixed and Floating (Including Dock Systems,
       Gangways, Marinas, Wharfs, etc.)
  36   Electrical Accessories and Parts, Marine
  37   Fish Locators and Shockers
  38   Fish and Marine Life Incubators, Accessories and Related Equipment
  39   Fish Tanks, Holding and Transport
  40   Fuel Tanks, Boat
  41   Gates, Safety, Marine
  42   Gauges, Marine
  43   Hydraulic Systems, Marine
  44   Hardware, Fittings, Parts, and Supplies, Boat (Except Spark Plugs)
  45   Hatcheries, Ranches, and other Fishery Resources
  46   Hatching Equipment, Fish (Including Jars and Standpipes)
  47   Lifeboats, Sailboats and Dinghies
  48   Life Preservers
  50   Lights, Beacon and Signal
  52   Lights, Marine Navigation, Boat
  53   Line Throwing Apparatus (Rocket)
  54   Marine Equipment and Supplies, Recycled
  55   Minnow Tanks
  56   Motor and Engine Parts and Accessories (Miscellaneous), Marine
  57   Motors, Marine, Electric
  58   Motors, Inboard, Diesel, Marine
  59   Motor Conversion Unit (Outboard Propeller to Jet Water Drive)
  60   Motors, Inboard, Gasoline
  62   Motors, Outboard, Diesel
  63   Motors, Outboard, Gasoline
  64   Navigation Instruments, Marine: Compasses, Sextant, etc. (For
       Electronic Navigation Equipment See Class 220)
  65   Nets and Repair Supplies, Marine
  67   Nets and Repair Supplies (For Wildlife Trapping)
  70   Paddles and Oars
  71   Pontoons, All Types
  73   Preservatives, Net
  74   Pumps, Marine
  75   Propellers (For Inboard and Outboard Motors)
  76   Rigging and Rigging Gear for Ships
  77   Rocket Charges and Cannons, Wildlife Trapping
  78   Rafts
  79   Reefer (Refrigerator Boat or Ship), Including Parts and Accessories
  80   Rods, Reels and Tackle Supplies
  81   Reach Stackers and Straddle Carriers, Marine
  82   Sails (Including Components and Accessories)
  83   Scuba and Skin Diving Equipment
  84   Ships, All Types (Cargo, Cruise, Salvage, etc.)
  85   Skis, Jet
  86   Searchlights, Marine
  87   Towers: Observation, Hunting, etc.
  88   Tools, Marine Hull and Engine
  90   Trailers, Boat
  91   Submarines (Exploration, Recreation, etc.; See 257-47 for Military
  92   Vegetation Control and Removal Equipment, Water
  93   Traps, Fish
  94   Wildlife Scare-Away Devices: Cannons, Exploders, etc.
  95   Wildlife Scare-Away Devices, Ultrasonic
  96   Water Safety Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified;
       Rope Float Lines, etc.)
  97   Winches and Lifts, Boat (Including Windlasses)