CMBL and HUB Codes

CMBL Status Codes

           Active bidder (blank character means Active bidder)
      D    Inactive deleted
      F    Deleted for non-payment of annual fee
      L    Deletion letter caused to be inactive
      M    Mail; Non Response
      N    Not on CMBL
      O    Old VID

      V    Vendor letter/request
      W    Debarred (not eligible for any award)
      Z    Other / See File

HUB Status

      A    Approved; Active
      D    Decertified
      G    Graduated
      I    Inactive; Expired
      M    Mail; Non response
      N    Not Hub
      O    Old VID
      P    File Pending a Review
      R    Rejected / Non Eligible
      V    Vendor requested removal
      X    Audit removal

HUB Ethnicity & Gender Codes

      BL   Black
      AS   Asian
      HI   Hispanic
      AI   Native American
      WO   Women Owned
      NA   Not Applicable
      M    Male
      F    Female

Business Categories

      01   Heavy Construction other than Building Contracts
      02   Building Construction, including General Contractors and Operative Builders
      03   Special Trade Construction
      04   Financial and Accounting Services
      05   Architectural/Engineering and Surveying Services
      06   Other Services including Legal Services
      07   Commodities Wholesale
      08   Commodities Manufacturers
      09   Medical


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