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Franchise Tax
Airdate: October 19-21, 2007

Do you have forgotten money just waiting to be claimed? Hello, I’m Comptroller Susan Combs. The state of Texas is holding unclaimed property which might be dormant bank accounts, family heirlooms from an abandoned safe deposit box or other valuable assests the original owners have simply forgotten. Although the state holds this property, it would like to reunite it with its rightful owners. So this Sunday, October 21, look for the annual Unclaimed Property List in newspapers across the state. This year’s list contains the names of 152,000 unclaimed property owners. But to reduce the soaring cost of printing the list, this year we are only printing the names of unclaimed property owners who have at least $250 coming to them. So check out the list in your newspaper and if you don’t see your name, please take a look at our agency’s Web site at for more information. Or call the Comptroller’s office toll free at (800) 654-FIND (F-I-N-D) and we will search the list for you. That’s (800) 654-3463.

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