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Comptroller Susan Combs Reveals $14 Billion in New State Funds [an error occurred while processing this directive]

2008-09 Biennial Revenue Estimate

U.S Net Equity Extraction, in Billions

Year/Quarter Net Equity Extraction (Bil $)
1999Q1 $202.45
1999Q2 $177.25
1999Q3 $262.25
1999Q4 $201.35
2000Q1 $166.07
2000Q2 $237.76
2000Q3 $194.37
2000Q4 $197.50
2001Q1 $225.34
2001Q2 $292.76
2001Q3 $222.02
2001Q4 $248.89
2002Q1 $333.96
2002Q2 $324.05
2002Q3 $404.31
2002Q4 $501.51
2003Q1 $475.21
2003Q2 $432.53
2003Q3 $411.29
2003Q4 $373.94
2004Q1 $646.43
2004Q2 $476.47
2004Q3 $760.82
2004Q4 $646.79
2005Q1 $550.44
2005Q2 $713.39
2005Q3 $869.22
2005Q4 $807.38
2006Q1 $712.63
2006Q2 $541.78
2006Q3 $379.77

NOTES: "Net Equity Extraction" refers to equity withdrawn by homeowners and represents a temporary increase in personal income. Data are seasonally adjusted at annual rates.
SOURCE: Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

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