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Contact: Allen Spelce or R.J. DeSilva

For Immediate Release
June 5, 2007

Comptroller Expands Reporting of State Government Spending

AUSTIN —Comptroller Susan Combs today unveiled Where the Money Goes, a new Web page that reports state agencies’ expenditures in greater clarity and detail than ever before.

“As Texas Comptroller, I am responsible for safeguarding the hard-earned dollars Texans pay in taxes, and I want them to have a clear and transparent view into how those dollars are spent,” Combs said.

Shortly after taking office in January, Combs posted the Comptroller’s office’s expenditures online for the public to see. Other state agencies soon began reporting their expenditures to the Comptroller to post online as well.

“People are excited to be able to view this information,” Combs said. “Now we have created a better Web page that puts state agency expenditures in context and sheds more light on how tax dollars are used.”

Where the Money Goes gives users two options for viewing state expenditures: The Big Picture shows expenditures for nearly 200 Texas state agencies and institutions under broad spending categories such as salaries, travel and supplies. A Closer Look provides more in-depth spending information for more than 20 state agencies that are currently able to provide details about the products and services they purchase. Work continues on the development of accounting tools that will ensure all state agencies and institutions can eventually provide this level of information.

“Our goal is to demystify government finances,” Combs said. “We want Texans to understand, in plain language, how and where their money gets spent.”

Where the Money Goes includes informative new features such as Best Practices used by state and federal governments to identify savings and spend more wisely. A Glossary of Terms helps users understand the terminology used in agencies’ expenditure lists. Spotlight on Savings describes exemplary cost-saving measures developed by Texas state agencies. A feature called Did You Know? offers little-known facts about Texas government spending, such as: Of the $68.8 billion state government spent in fiscal 2006, more than half went to Texas businesses.

“By sharing information and shedding new light on state spending, we can continuously spot ways to combine resources, pursue more effective purchasing strategies and set the bar for saving taxpayer dollars,” Combs said. “Where the Money Goes is a work in progress that in the coming months will expand to provide an unprecedented amount of information on state spending.”

Where the Money Goes is located on the Comptroller’s web site at www.window.state.tx.us.


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