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For Immediate Release
June 1, 2007

Comptroller Susan Combs Reminds Taxpayers of Amnesty Period
Businesses Can Get a “Fresh Start” on State Taxes

AUSTIN —Comptroller Susan Combs today reminded businesses that they have a chance to clear up unpaid, underreported or overdue taxes without fear of penalty or interest during Project Fresh Start, a tax amnesty period that runs from June 15 through Aug. 15.

During the 60-day amnesty period, businesses with overdue state taxes and those operating without required tax permits can come forward, file past-due tax reports and pay their taxes in full. The Comptroller will waive penalty and interest charges normally added to delinquent taxes. The tax amnesty applies to taxes and tax reports originally due before April 1, 2007.

“Since we announced Project Fresh Start, a number of taxpayers have contacted us about clearing up their records,” Combs said. “This is also a great opportunity for businesses that have neglected to get a tax permit and report state taxes. This is their chance to begin meeting their tax responsibilities without fear of being penalized for past mistakes.”

The Project Fresh Start amnesty period applies to sales tax, franchise tax and all other state and any local taxes and fees administered by the state Comptroller, except unclaimed property and Public Utility Commission gross receipts assessments. Eligible taxpayers include those who did not file a required tax return or report; misrepresented, understated or omitted any tax liability on a past report; or erroneously claimed tax credits or tax deductions.

The amnesty does not apply to assessments already identified by the Comptroller, taxpayers currently under audit or review and taxpayers the Comptroller has already contacted about an audit or possible tax deficiency.

Combs urges taxpayers to visit the Project Fresh Start Web site at www.freshstart.texas.gov for complete details about how to participate in the tax amnesty, or call (800) 252-1390 or contact the nearest Comptroller field office. Field office information, tax permit applications and tax forms are available on the Web site.


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