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Citizens of Texas

Sept. 1, 2009 – Aug. 31, 2010

This is Texas

Texas is home to the world’s 13th-largest economy, successful companies in energy, agriculture, medicine and more — and is always a top choice for others looking to relocate.

Texas has been the leader in U.S. energy production for decades. With increasing interest in renewable and alternative energy sources, Texans have positioned themselves at the leading edge of new energy technologies.

Texas’ economic success has spurred a growing population, one that expanded by 20.6 percent from 2000 to 2010.

The Texas Advantage


  • Texas was home to eight of the nation’s 100 fastest-growing companies in Fortune magazine’s 2010 rankings, second only to California.
  • Texas ranked third among states in the friendliness of its policies toward entrepreneurship, and first among the 10 largest states in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council’s 2010 Small Business Survival Index.


  • In 2009, Texas accounted for about 30 percent of U.S. natural gas production and about 20 percent of U.S. crude oil production.
  • Texas has more installed wind-generating capacity than any other state.


  • According to the 2010 census, more than 25 million people now call Texas home. That marks an increase of more than 4 million people during the last 10 years.
  • Texas’ population is expected to exceed 40 million by 2040.

Global Trade

  • Texas is the nation’s leading export state. From 2005 to 2010, its annual exports rose by more than $73.5 billion, to a total of $203 billion.
  • Texas-based companies export to more than 200 countries, and Texas ports handle more than half of all U.S. imports and exports.

Employment Percent by Industry

Administrative & Support/Waste Management6%
Public Administration6%
Accommodation and Food Services9%
Educational Services11%
Retail Trade11%
Health Care and Social Services12%
All other Industries30%

Source: TexasIndustry.com

Texas by the Numbers

Calendar Year Resident Population Per-capita income Non-farm Employment Unemployment
Rate (percent)
Public School Enrollment
(for preceeding school year)
2010 25,145,561 $39,229 10,450,000 8.2 4,847,844
2009 24,749,300 $38,163 10,479,800 6.8 4,671,493


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