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Reporting Requirements

Participating depository institutions have four reporting requirements:
  1. Daily Report: This report will be the prior business day's aggregate ledger balance of deposits of local public funds. The report will be itemized by each local public entity and account. The report will indicate whether each account is interest bearing or non-interest bearing so that the proper federal deposit insurance may be calculated.
  2. Weekly Summary Report: This report will be the total par and market value of collateral held by a custodian trustee on its behalf. The participating depository institution may either report the market value itself or adopt by reference the Comptroller's daily report indicating the market value of the collateral for the due date of the weekly report.
  3. Monthly Report: This report will list the collateral instruments held by a custodian trustee on behalf of the participating depository institution, together with the par and market value of the securities with their CUSIP numbers (if applicable).
  4. Annual Reporting: During even-numbered years beginning in 2012 the participating depository institution will file appropriate annual reports as required by the Comptroller, including its annual report and financial statements.

All of these reports will be in electronic form, and will be submitted either by direct file transfer or by entering the information on the program Web site. Each public entity will have access to only its own ledger balance via secure login on the Comptroller's Web site. Because the public entity will have the most up to date deposit information, it should review the daily report of its ledger balance for accuracy.

The Comptroller will also provide a daily report on the market value of the collateral held in each pool on its Web site.

For Further Information

If you have any questions about the Pooled Collateral Program, please feel free to contact our staff at (800) 531-5441, extension 3-6069 or 3-5902, or you may dial directly at (512) 463-6069 or (512) 463-5902.

You may also email any questions to:

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