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Public Entity Instructions

V.1.1 - September 23, 2010


Under existing Texas law, a depository institution must pledge security to collateralize deposits of public funds by a public entity in excess of federal deposit limits. The current system requires that each public entity's deposits be collateralized individually, even if a depository institution holds deposits from several different public entities. The new Pooled Collateral Program provides an alternative to the current system by allowing a depository institution to pool collateral for public entities, and requires the Comptroller to regulate and monitor the Program. Under this Program, the Comptroller ensures that the securities pledged as collateral have a market value greater than the deposits.

Website Navigation for Public Entity

  1. Go to your web browser and enter texasenterpriseportal.
  2. Enter the User ID and password that has been assigned to you.
Website Navigation for Public Entity


The public entity is responsible for reviewing the daily report of its ledger balance for accuracy and reporting any discrepancies to the depository institutions. The daily report will be available each day by 9:00 a.m. CT.

The Comptroller will also provide a daily report on the market value of the collateral held in each pool on its Web site.

Pagelet Descriptions

Bank Balance Summary

This shows the latest statement sent from the bank.

Bank Balance Summary

Pooled Balances

This link has a list of all your public entity's balances for every pool in which you participate.

Collateral Sufficiency

This compares collateral pledged with deposits to ensure sufficient coverage.

Collateral Sufficiency Details


Collateral Inquiry

This page shows a summary of many different tables pertaining to the collateral that has been pledged by the bank.

Collateral Inquiry

For Further Information

If you have any questions about the Pooled Collateral Program, please feel free to contact our staff at (800) 531-5441, extension 3-6069 or 3-5902, or you may dial directly at (512) 463-6069 or (512) 463-5902.

You may also email any questions to:

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