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Senate Bill 184 – Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Reduction Strategies

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In response to Senate Bill 184 passed by the 81st Texas Legislature, the office of the Comptroller organized an advisory committee to assist in identifying and evaluating greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies.

The advisory committee will assist the comptroller with preparing and delivering a report that includes a list of strategies for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in Texas. The strategies must:

  • result in net savings for consumers or businesses;
  • be achieved without financial cost to consumers or businesses; or
  • help Texas businesses maintain global competitiveness.

This report must be delivered to each member of the legislature no later than December 31, 2010.

Implementation Plan

SB 184 will be implemented in four stages:

  1. (September 2009 to January 2010) The advisory committee will convene to establish roles, expectations and gather ideas on implementation and outreach. A webcast or webinar stakeholder meeting will be conducted to explain the requirements of the bill and the implementation plan. The discussion will include what information will be most useful for the cost-benefit analysis in Stage II. Greenhouse gas control strategies will be requested from stakeholders, other states and foreign countries.
  2. (February to April 2010) The advisory committee will meet to review the submitted control strategies and to assign follow up on cost-benefit analysis. Another webcast meeting will be conducted to present the control strategies. Stakeholder input will be requested on the technical feasibility, capital costs, operating costs and expected savings over the project’s lifetime. There will be the opportunity for debate of a control strategy – information may be provided in support of strategies and also on why strategies may not meet the “no regrets” spirit of the bill.
  3. (May to September 2010) The data and information received in Phase I and II will be compiled into a draft report. This report will be made available on the Web site and discussed at the third and final advisory committee meeting. Comments on the draft report will be requested.
  4. (October to December 2010) Comments received will be incorporated into the final report. The completed report will be delivered to the legislature no later than the end of December.

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