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Questions and Answers

Question: If a strategy does not have a net cost to business or consumers, but does have a net cost to the state, would it be eligible for consideration as a “no regrets” strategy?

Answer: When submitting strategies that would have a net cost to the state, submit all background information related to the cost and benefit for the strategy for review.

Question: Will suggestions and comments submitted be posted online so suggestions for strategies are not duplicated?

Answer: All suggestions for strategies will be posted online as feasible.

Question: Will the strategies be ranked based on feasibility or magnitude of reductions of greenhouse gas emissions?

Answer: Ranking of strategies will depend on the type and amount of strategies received. Be sure to provide all supporting documentation on costs, benefits and greenhouse gas emission reduction potential for incorporation in this type of analysis.

Question: In addition to ideas for strategies submitted by the public, will state agencies involved in the advisory committee submit strategies for consideration?

Answer: All interested parties, including state agencies may submit “no regrets” strategies as they deem appropriate.

Question: Could “no regrets” strategies be provided for local, regional and statewide opportunities?

Answer: Yes, all strategies that meet the “no regrets” definition can be submitted. Please ensure adequate supporting documentation is provided.

Question: How will the impact of different assumptions of future costs of energy be reviewed during analysis of the strategies that are submitted?

Answer: When submitting “no regrets” strategies, provide all relevant information regarding the circumstances and assumptions, such as future energy costs, that could lead to the strategy having a net benefit.

Question: What is the role of the advisory group in developing the “no regrets” strategies?

Answer: The advisory group will assist in analyzing the strategies that are submitted.

Question: Will a separate stakeholder group be convened to have a conversation about the strategies?

Answer: The process to develop the list of “no regrets” strategies will be implemented in an open process. All stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit strategies and comment on strategies that have been submitted. Advisory committee meetings will be open to the public and will have time available for public comment.

Question: What does “help Texas businesses maintain global competitiveness” mean?

Answer: When submitting “no regrets” strategies that are believed to help Texas businesses maintain global competitiveness, provide complete information to support the strategy. These strategies will be reviewed as they are submitted.

Question: What guidance is given about the assumptions on the sale of carbon credits and the impact on the “no regrets” aspect of the strategies?

Answer: As there are many assumptions behind carbon credit prices, be sure to include complete information on any strategies submitted that include the price of carbon in the development of the strategy.

Question: Will “no regrets” strategies utilized in other states be reviewed and considered?

Answer: Yes. As part of the process of developing a list of strategies for Texas, the implementing legislation requires we review strategies implemented in other states.

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