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e-Texas Staff

Executive Administration:

Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Comptroller

Billy Hamilton, Deputy Comptroller

Mike Regan, Associate Deputy Comptroller

Tracy Wurzel, Chief of Staff

Trey Newton, Special Assistant to the Comptroller

Larry Laine, Legislative Director

Research and Policy Development Division:

Lisa Minton, Director

Kaye Tucker, Assistant Director

Connie Brock, Executive Assistant

Mary Quintero, Budgets, Contracts and Purchasing

e-Texas Performance Review:

Ruthie Ford, Manager, Strategic Policy Initiatives

Tom Currah, Assistant Manager, Strategic Policy Initiatives

Stacy Bryant, Production Manager

Andy Liebler, Fiscal Coordinator

Leonard Gabriel, Executive Assistant

Magdalena Hamner

Education Team:

Tom Currah, Team Leader

Betty Ressel, Team Leader

Vicki Anderson

Jennifer Boucher

Steven Wright Clarkson

Jeff Cole

Judy Coppolo

Will Counihan

Cathryn Cox

Doug Freer

Greg Harm

Rand Harris

Gary Price

Ruth Rosado

Byron Schlomach

Roger Vallejo

Jeff Van Pelt

General Government Team:

Susan Biles, Team Leader

Clint Winters, Team Leader

Stacy Bryant

Will Counihan

David Dennis

Richard English

Otis Fields

Rand Harris

Amber Johnson

Eleanor Kim

Laure McLaughlin

Ned Muñoz

Augustín Redwine

Bob Russ

Diane Thomas

Roger Vallejo

Health and Human Services Team:

Cindy Alexander, Team Leader

Phyllis Coombes, Team Leader

Vicki Anderson

Will Counihan

Cathryn Cox

Linda Gibson

Mary Lou Gibson

Rand Harris

Loretta Lewis

Maria Mendez-Lewis

Mario Salinas

Revenue Estimates:

James LeBas, Chief Revenue Estimator

John Heleman, Assistant Manager

Ann Berasley, Co-coordinator

Dean Ferguson, Co-coordinator

Teresa Comer

Doug Freer

Susan Kimbrough

Irene Mancias

Bob Mathison

Tamara Plaut

Gary Preuss

Jim Smith

Eric Stearns

John Wieferman

Legal Staff:

Jesse Ancira, General Counsel

Martin Cherry

Clay Harris

Pam Ponder

Ruth Soucy

Project Support:

Daryl Janes, Manager, Resource Management

Graphics and Layout Support:

Dwain Osborne, Supervisor

Jo Ann Reyes, Coordinator

Irene Abeita

Gilbert Conwoop

Lulu Gomez

Jack Grieder

Tony Hale

Shannon McCann

Edd Patton

Tyra Peterson

Johnnie Sielbeck

Jay Visit

Brad Wright

Editorial Support:

Bruce Wright, Coordinator

Allison Castle

Angela Freeman

Karen Hudgins

Daryl Janes

Shannon McCann

Greg Mt. Joy

Clint Shields

Suzanne Staton

Pam Wagner


Ben Dukes, Manager

Mary Beth Berndt

Larry Keneipp

James Oliver

Tony Perez

Charles Rayos

Kenneth Wallace

Web Site Design and HTML Conversion:

Stephen Scace, Coordinator

Ginger Buehler

Robert Cavazos

Dan Jones

Drew Scherz