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Quick Start for:
Limited Government, Unlimited Opportunity
January 2003

General Government
Consolidate or Eliminate Agencies or Programs
GG 1 Combine the Railroad Commission and the Public Utility Commission into the Texas Energy and Communications Commission
GG 2 Improve Youth Offender Services
GG 3 Consolidate Health and Human Service Agencies to Reduce Cost and Improve Service Delivery
GG 4 Abolish the Texas Department of Economic Development
GG 5 Eliminate the State Aircraft Pooling Board
GG 6 Centralize Customer Services for Licensing Agencies
GG 7 Eliminate the Texas Building and Procurement Commission’s Environmental Hazards Section
GG 8 Combine Uniform Election Days
Reduce Work Force Costs
GG 9 Reduce the Costs of State Employee Health Insurance
GG 10 Reduce Management Costs in State Government
GG 11 Reduce Human Resource Management Costs
GG 12 Use Call Centers to Determine Eligibility for Children’s Medicaid; Consider an Internet-based, Combined Application for Human Services Programs
GG 13 Provide Retirement Incentives for State Employees to Reduce Costs
Improve Asset Management
GG 14 Use Innovative Asset Management Techniques for State Real Property
GG 15 Improve the Operation and Efficiency of Texas State Parks
GG 16 Ensure Adequate Financial Reserves
GG 17 Create Budget Incentives for State Agencies
Improve Use of Information Technology
GG 18 Hold the Texas Department of Information Resources Accountable for the Success of Major Information Technology Initiatives
GG 19 Ensure Returns on Investments in Information Technology
GG 20 Protect Personal Information in Public Records
GG 21 Increase Usage of Online Government Services
GG 22 Increase the Availability of Broadband Internet Services in Rural Areas
Improve Transportation Efficiency

GG 23
Use Innovative Financing Techniques to Build Texas Roads
GG 24 Use a Database to Reduce the State’s Number of Uninsured Motorists
GG 25 Save Lives on Texas Roads
Increase Revenues
GG 26 Increase Lottery Revenues
GG 27 Improve Tax Compliance and Delinquent Revenue Collections with Additional Enforcement Coverage
GG 28 Establish an Amnesty Program for All Taxes Administered by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
GG 29 Increase Tax Compliance and State Revenue Through Additional Audit Coverage
GG 30 Improve the Efficiency of the State Tax System
GG 31 Improve State and Local Sales Tax Collections
GG 32 Improve the Integrity of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund
GG 33 Create an “Affinity Credit Card” to Support Public Schools
GG 34 Market an Annual Limited-Edition Print by the State Artist of the Year

Fiscal Impact Table

Raise the Bar on Student Performance
ED 1 Improve Opportunities for Students in Failing Schools
ED 2 Improve Accountability for Dropouts and At-Risk Students
ED 3 Prepare Texas Students to Succeed in College
ED 4 Alleviate the Texas Teacher Shortage
ED 5 Adopt Policies for the Use of School Counselors’ Time
ED 6 Increase Incentives for Students and Schools to Participate in the Early Graduation Scholarship Program
ED 7 Allow Four-year Colleges and Universities to Waive Tuition and Fees for Concurrently Enrolled Students
ED 8 Improve College Graduation Incentives
Improve Educational Efficiency
ED 9 Increase the Efficiency of the Permanent School Fund; Increase Distributions to the Available School Fund
ED 10 Eliminate the State Textbook Depository
ED 11 Allow School Districts to Post Requests for Proposals on the World Wide Web
ED 12 Allow Community Colleges and School Districts to Use State Travel Services
ED 13 Prohibit School Board Members from Doing Business Directly or Indirectly with their Districts
ED 14 Encourage School Districts to Form Financial Management Services Cooperatives
ED 15 Give Public Universities Increased Budget and Funding Flexibility
ED 16 Increase Accountability for Higher Education Funds
ED 17 Eliminate Institutional Enhancement Funding; Provide Greater Accountability for Special Item Funding

Health and Human Services
Enhance Quality of Health Care and Human Services
HHS 1 Contract for Quality Nursing Home Care
HHS 2 Reduce Prescription Drug Costs for Seniors
HHS 3 Use Transportation Brokers to Improve the State’s Medical Transportation Program
HHS 4 Implement a Disease Management Program for Medicaid Patients
HHS 5 Improve Texas’ Child Immunization Rate
HHS 6 Improve the Adoption Process for Children in Foster Care
Reduce Health Care Costs
HHS 7 Maintain the Current Period of Medicaid Eligibility for Children; Postpone the Implementation of Expanded Eligibility Until Fiscal 2006
HHS 8 Improve Purchasing of Prescription Drugs
HHS 9 Reduce Small Employers’ Cost of Buying Health Insurance
Recover More State Health Care Costs
HHS 10 Enhance Medicaid Payments to Certain Providers
HHS 11 Increase Medicaid Patient Responsibility for Health Care Use
HHS 12 Increase Third-Party Liability Reimbursements for Medicaid
HHS 13 Strengthen Efforts to Reduce Medicaid Fraud and Overpayment

"Government is going to be seen as bigger, dumber and slower than ever before if we don't become smaller, smarter and faster right now."

    -- Carole Keeton Strayhorn
        Texas Comptroller