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Weakened, but Still Growing
The U.S. economy crawled along at its slowest rate of growth in eight years in the second quarter of 2001. Spending on new plants and equipment fell, and inventory liquidation continued.

Economic Indicators Appendix:
This appendix presents tables and figures of current economic and demographic statistics for the nation, the states, and Texas' metropolitan statistical areas.
Figure A1 U.S. and Texas Employment Growth Rates (1990-2001)
Figure A2 U.S. and Texas Unemployment Rates (1990-2001)
Table A1 Texas Economic Indicators for June 2001
Table A2 Ranked State Nonfarm Employment Change From June 2000 to June 2001
Table A3 Texas Nonfarm Employment, By Industry, By Month: June 1996 to June 2001 (in thousands)
Table A4 Total Nonfarm Employment for Texas' Largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), By Month: June 1996 through June 2001 (in Thousands)
Table A5 Texas, Regional and U.S. Leading Economic Indicators, By Month: May 1996 to May 2001
Table A6 Consumer Price Indexes for the United States and the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (CMSAs): 1975 to 2001