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Download Direct Deposit Forms

New Set Up:

  • Vendor/Payee and State Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form 74-176

  • Download Form Combined Direct Deposit Authorization and Advance Payment Notification Form 74-207
  • Taxpayer Refund Direct Deposit Authorization Form 74-221

  •  Download Form Taxpayer Direct Deposit Authorization Form 74-221
  • If you want all your tax refunds deposited to the same bank account, only one authorization form is needed. However, if you have different bank accounts for each tax type, you will need to complete a form for each.
Form Tip Learn how to expedite the authorization process.
Texas Direct Deposit
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Step One
Download the authorization form that applies to you.
Forms require Adobe Reader
Step One
To expedite the direct deposit process, please send your completed direct deposit form directly to the paying agency. The paying agency is listed on your state warrant (check) stub and is the agency that is issuing your payments.
Please see the Paying Agency Contact List
Step One
If you need assistance with the form or need help determining which agency pays you, call our Payment Services Help line at 512-936-8138 or 1-800-531-5441, ext. 6-8138.
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