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December 2009/January 2010 – Web Exclusive

A Letter from the Comptroller

Photo of Susan Combs by Marlys Hersey, courtesy of The Big Bend Gazette

Here I am five years ago at the Marathon2Marathon, doing my interpretation of Chariots of Fire minus the beach.

Actually, I think the photographer captured the last moment that “running” and “Combs” were used in the same sentence. Nowadays, I am more of a walker.

Texans love to support their causes with fun runs and walkathons.

In this issue of Fiscal Notes, we put the spotlight on the Dallas-based Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization. It has made Race for the Cure and the color pink ubiquitous in the fight against breast cancer. More importantly, since 1982 the Komen organization has invested $1.5 billion in cancer research and education, and is committed to contributing an additional $2 billion by 2017.

The state of Texas is also at a starting line of sorts.

In a few weeks, the first grants will be awarded from new cancer funding approved by the state’s voters in 2007. I really believe Texas has nailed the selection process to ensure that the most promising research gets funded.

Texas is already a leader in cancer research, but this unprecedented effort will bring the state to another level. Read all about it here.

On other fronts, Texas has a large stake in the airline industry, and in the value of the American dollar. We look at how the airline industry is coping with the turbulence of the national recession – and how that affects the business traveler.

Finally, Michael W. Brandl, a senior lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, shares his insights into the falling dollar and the opportunities it may present for Texas.

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