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September 2009

Free at Last — and Sooner

April 6 - Texas Tax Freedom Day

Each year, the Tax Foundation calculates dates for “Tax Freedom Day” — a day representing the length of time Americans must work in the year to earn enough to pay all of their federal, state and local taxes for that year. In 2009, Texas had the earliest Tax Freedom Day among the 10 largest states, and thus the lowest combined tax burden.

Tax Freedom Day, 2009

TexasApril 6
FloridaApril 9
North CarolinaApril 9
MichiganApril 10
OhioApril 11
GeorgiaApril 12
IllinoisApril 13
U.S. AverageApril 13
PennsylvaniaApril 14
CaliforniaApril 20
New YorkApril 25

Source: The Tax Foundation

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