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Dear Comptroller Strayhorn:

Thank you for the excellent article in the Fiscal Notes publication on the unfairness of GPO-WEB for some teachers. I was highly incensed to find out I was penalized from collecting full spousal survivor's benefits (if I am the surviving spouse) because I was a retired Texas teacher. I've never contributed to Social Security but my husband has paid into the fund for 35 years. We had counted on that benefit in our retirement plans. I think the law is strange in allowing some folks more than one retirement annuity with no penalty but attack teachers who are NOT highly paid. It is my hope that current congressional members see the unfairness of this law and repeal it. Much of the public seems unaware of this law so it is my hope your article is read far and wide with great interest and [people] react favorably to repealing the GPO-WEB.


Katherine Higgins