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July 2005

Texas leads nation in number of uninsured.
Costly Care

From the Comptroller:
Too Many Uninsured Texans

Energy management programs save money for state, schools.
Switched Off

Officials hope to bring showbiz back to Texas.
Lights, Camera ... Cut?

Bats make good neighbors for Texas farmers, cities.
A Bat Attitude

Coalitions help Texas firms find insurance.
Covering Small Business

Tourists' present and Texas' past collide.
Reaching Back

State and local sales tax revenues rise; Strayhorn certifies House Bill 10; Comptroller posts protocols; Comptroller needs sheriff and constable fee information.
Comptroller News

From Our Readers...

Texas has seen its percentage of teachers with more than 20 years of experience drop.
Texas at a Glance: Reading, Writing, Retirement

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