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Dear Comptroller Strayhorn:

In your story about biodiesel, you listed several large cities taking on the production of biodiesel. However, you overlooked a biodiesel plant, Sun Biodiesel, located in Roaring Springs, TX, which manufactures biodiesel from cotton byproducts, [and] cotton seed oil. ... Biodiesel is also available for purchase at Alexander Fuel, in beautiful downtown Roaring Springs, TX. This is an example of hometown folk using the good ole Texas know-how and the least expensive and available ingredients to produce an economical outlet for what was previously a mostly useless material. ...

Thank you.


Laura Taylor
Roaring Springs, TX

Editor's note: The author of "Betting on Biodiesel" looked to the National Biodiesel Board for information on Texas biodiesel retailers. The editors are pleased to hear that even more biodiesel options are available to Texans looking for this renewable alternative fuel.