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Dear Comptroller Strayhorn:

I agree wholeheartedly with your article "Back to School (Later)" in Fiscal Notes, December 2004. As a two parent working household, it is extremely difficult to continually find day care for "fair day", "fall break", etc. ... My kids are also getting used to all these odd days and vacations. They are not understanding that the real world is not like that. ... I also see the huge cost benefit as you listed in the article (nearly 2 million dollars a day in electricity costs). That sounds like the money we need to give the teachers raises. That is not even mentioning the millions of dollars lost from Texas' top 10 tourist attractions! ...

I have seen no evidence that starting the school year earlier is more beneficial to our children. I hope that the waivers are discontinued in Texas and that a mandate is made and enforced to start the school year later, preferably after Labor Day.

Thank you for your efforts!


Michelle Long
Murphy, Texas, City Council and Branch Owner
PrimeSource Mortgage