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Dear Comptroller Strayhorn:

As an avid reader of Fiscal Notes, I applaud the focus in your October issue on the semiconductor industry and its economic impact on Texas. Maintaining Texas' leadership in this industry will require the attention of state leaders, because other states and nations want what we have.

In order for Texas to remain competitive, we must have policies that encourage capital investment. Toward that end a school finance solution that emphasizes property tax relief is encouraging. Texas must assure a skilled workforce by investing in public education, community colleges, four year and graduate research institutions. Finally, targeted recruitment efforts using tools such as the Enterprise Fund are making Texas competitive with other states and nations.

On November 18, 2004, TI broke ground on a $3 billion advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility in Richardson, which will eventually employ 1,000 people. Texas continues to realize value from the presence of this industry.


Philip J. Ritter
Senior Vice Presidents
Texas Instruments Incorporated