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Dear Comptroller Strayhorn:

I noticed in the Local Government section of Fiscal Notes an article entitled "Monthly reporting forms consolidated" and wanted to comment on the role the County Treasurers' Association of Texas (CTAT) played in that consolidation. CTAT, Comptroller representatives and representatives of the District and County Clerks Association worked for several legislative sessions trying to get the consolidation bill passed and finally succeeded in 2003. The bill that came out of the Legislature was not exactly what we had asked for, but we (treasurers) decided to make the process work in each of our counties.

The changes in process also worked because of the coordination and cooperation of your Revenue Accounting staff. The personal interaction with those staff members has been very rewarding. They have been exceptionally attentive to our questions and concerns and each time have responded in a positive manner to resolve issues.

I appreciate the Fiscal Notes publication as it always provides information and data that is pertinent to my responsibilities as treasurer of Williamson County.

With best regards,

Vivian L. Wood
Williamson County Treasurer