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Dear Comptroller Strayhorn:

I read with interest your story regarding out-of-state gaming and its impact on the Texas horseracing industry. ...

Texas is surrounded by states which have legalized Video Lottery Terminals at racetracks. As a result, the tracks in those states offer significantly larger purses than tracks in Texas are able to. Top purses attract the best horses and full fields, both of which are important for a quality live racing program.

Our message for the upcoming special legislative session is that VLTs in existing Texas racetracks would add over $1 billion per year in new state taxes and keep Texas money from leaving the state. ...

It is my hope that we can move forward on this important issue and be able to celebrate not only [Sam Houston Race Park's] tenth anniversary, but the continued growth of the Texas horseracing industry.


Robert L. Bork
President and General Manager
Sam Houston Race Park