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July 2002

Tops in Their Class
The Carnegie Foundation's classification system has spurred university competitiveness.
Three Days: No Taxes
The fourth annual Sales Tax Holiday is expected to boost back-to-school sales.
Solar Schools
A state program teaches kids about solar power.
Keep on Jamming
A state music museum is a possibility, but some Texas music museums are already open for business.
Art and Dreams
Young artists won Texas Tomorrow Fund scholarships with their artwork.
Bottoms Up
Alcohol consumption taxes and sales licenses mean big bucks for the state.
Comptroller News
Comptroller to review Houston Community College System; Rylander names new general counsel; Comptroller win in district court saves $2 billion; Unclaimed assets returned to Ellis County.
From Our Readers...
Texas at a Glance: A Pothole in Your Pocketbook.
Texas motorists spend $3.4 billion a year in extra vehicle repairs due to poor roads.
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