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Dear Comptroller Rylander:

Thank you for featuring the Texas Cultural & Arts Network on the "Book Mark It!" Tour of Texas Government Online on the back cover of the February 2002 Statewise. Your thoughtful sharing of our work, visionary encouragement to the Arts and leadership are greatly appreciated.

We are very proud of our work at the commission on behalf of the people of Texas and are so very pleased that a leader of our state has been so generous in sharing it with so many others. At the commission we are committed to "sparking creativity" and raising awareness of the economic, intellectual and civic benefits of the arts as a tool for civic and human growth. Enhancement of our state through the advancement of a "receptive climate for the arts" and their benefits for all of our state's people remains a crucial priority.

We appreciate your support and nurturing. Again, my deepest gratitude and always best wishes.


John Paul Batiste
Executive Director
Texas Commission on the Arts