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Dear Comptroller Rylander:

In January of this year, Governor Rick Perry held a press conference to announce Dr. Ray Perryman's economic impact study The Catalyst for Creativity and the Incubator for Progress: The Arts, Culture, and the Texas Economy. The study, conducted pro bono by Dr. Perryman for the Texas Cultural Trust Council, focuses on the major economic contribution of the cultural activities in the state of Texas.

We are grateful that Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander chose to present Dr. Perryman's findings in Fiscal Notes.

In 1993, the Texas Legislature created the Texas Cultural Endowment Fund to provide a permanent funding source for the arts in Texas. The Texas Cultural Trust Council, a 501(c) organization, was created to raise dollars for the endowment from the private sector. The Texas Commission on the Arts, through its formal grant process, disburses the interest from the endowment to deserving arts organizations in every area of Texas.

This public/private partnership between the Texas Cultural Trust Council, a group of distinguished volunteers from across Texas, and the Texas Commission on the Arts, a group of distinguished citizens appointed by the governor, is unique. While each organization works independently, we share a common goal to ensure the future of the arts and arts education in Texas thereby enhancing the quality of life for all Texans.


Jocelyn Straus, chair
George Pond, executive director
Texas Cultural Trust Council