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Fiscal Notes Archive - Fiscal Notes is a Monthly Review of the Texas Economy from the Office of Susan Combs, Comptroller of Public Accounts

Fiscal Notes Archive

People & Places

Playing Defense: Looming Cuts May Affect Texas Communities (June 2013) | Article PDF

Texas Universities Address Wellness, Weight Gain (May 2013) | Article PDF

Wellness Programs Bolster Business, Employee Health (January 2013) | Article PDF

Sister Cities Link Businesses, Create Opportunities (October 2012) | Article PDF

The $10,000 Prize: Texas universities launch low-cost degrees (September 2012) | Article PDF

Boom in the Shale: Big energy find worth billions (May 2012) | Article PDF

Angel and Venture Investing in Texas (February 2012) | Article PDF

Hooked on Tournament Fishing: Anglers Compete on Texas Lakes (November 2011) | Issue PDF

Grow for the Green: The Business Case for “Green Infrastructure” (November 2011) | Issue PDF

Texans On the Fire Line: Volunteer firefighters are a mainstay, but demand pushes more hiring. (November 2011) | Issue PDF

All the President’s Memories: From the Oval Office to Texas (July 2011) | Issue PDF

Hispanic-Owned Businesses Rising in Texas (January/February 2011) | Issue PDF

Houston, Dallas Gain Most Residents in 2009 (June/July 2010) | Issue PDF

Roll Call for the State: Accurate Census Means Money, Clout for Texas (June/July 2010) | Issue PDF

On the Move to Texas: Top U.S. Destination Cities (April/May 2010) | Issue PDF

Quick Recovery: Texas Cities Dominate List of Fastest-Recovering Metros (December 2009/January 2010) | Issue PDF

Relocating? Try Texas: Texas Cities Rank High as Best Places to Move (November 2009) | Issue PDF

Getting (Not Too Far) Away From it All: “Exurbs” Seek the Best of Both Worlds September 2009) | Issue PDF

New Directions Home: Retirees Roll into Texas (September 2009) | Issue PDF

Country Oases: Four Rural Counties Thrive on Their Own (September 2009) | Issue PDF

Cities Within Cities: “Lifestyle Centers” for Working, Shopping, Living (September 2009) | Issue PDF

Life Sciences Thrive in Texas: West Texas Reaches for Share of Biotech (August 2009) | Issue PDF

Winds of Change: Financing a Comeback for Galveston (August 2009) | Issue PDF

Recovery, Next Exit: Texas Cities Among Best for Recession Recovery (August 2009) | Issue PDF

Top Women: Women in Business Making it Happen (June/July 2009) | Issue PDF

Texas Metros Dominate Best Large Cities for Job Growth (May 2009) | Issue PDF

Talent on their Doorstep: Scott & White Offered Skills and Found a Work Force in its small Texas City (May 2009) | Issue PDF

Texas Cities Remain Strong for Corporate Growth (April 2009) | Issue PDF

Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Work Force: South Texas College Offers Customized Training Options (April 2009) | Issue PDF

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