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Taking care of Texans and the business of Texas

Are you a business owner or business taxpayer?

  • The Comptroller’s office supports Texas business owners and offers an online Texas Business Advisor that helps budding entrepreneurs understand the steps involved in creating a new business.
  • If you are interested in doing business with Texas, we can help. Our Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) Division leads and manages the state’s procurement and contracting programs and services. TPASS works with state entities and more than 12,000 state vendors and awards hundreds of contracts for goods and services. Information on procurement programs such as Texas Cooperative Purchasing, the Statewide HUB Program and the State Travel Management Program, along with tools and publications are available on our Web site.
  • Because business owners are busy people, the Comptroller’s office is committed to making the collection and remittance of sales and other taxes as convenient and trouble-free as possible. That’s why we have moved many of our services online.
  • From your home or office computer, you can conduct a wide array of business with our office, from applying for a sales tax permit and filing a return to requesting franchise tax extensions and submitting required reports.
  • You can also obtain general information about state taxes, including relevant statutes, Comptroller rules and preprinted tax-related forms — all from your desktop.
  • Need help over the phone? We provide telephone assistance for each of the taxes we administer, and sales taxpayers can file certain reports via telephone — all of it toll-free.
  • For face-to-face contact, visit any of our 28 field offices throughout Texas. Our field personnel can accept tax returns and payments, assist you with tax permit applications and returns, answer your taxability and collection-related questions and process requests for the permits, licenses and decals our agency provides.
  • We also offer free taxpayer seminars at locations around the state to provide useful information for buyers, sellers and service providers.

The Comptroller’s Online Services

If you have a computer, you can do business with the Comptroller’s office.

In addition:

Also, certain approved businesses and tax professionals can use our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software at www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/etf/etf.html to transmit return data and payments for the:

  • sales tax
  • International Fuels Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  • motor fuels tax
  • natural gas and crude oil production taxes

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Texas Business Advisor

Valuable information for entrepreneurs can be found at www.window.state.tx.us/tba/.

Taxpayer Assistance

For information on sales tax and your new business, go to www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/sales/new_business.html.

For cigarette tax rules, forms and publications, go to www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/cig_tob/cigarette.html or call us toll-free at 1-800-862-2260.

For information on taxpayer seminars across the state and other helpful presentations, workshops and programs from the Comptroller’s office, go to www.window.state.tx.us/calendar.

For tax assistance via email, visit https://www.window.state.tx.us/taxhelp.

For tax assistance via telephone:

Sales and Use Taxes — 1-800-252-5555

Franchise Tax — 1-800-252-1381

Certificates of Account Status/Good Standing — 1-800-252-1386

WebFile Help — 1-800-531-5441, ext. 3-3630, or send an email to WebFileHelp@cpa.state.tx.us.

For other tax information telephone numbers, consult the directory at www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/fieldtoll.html#tollfree.

To find the Comptroller field office nearest you, consult the directory at www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/fieldoff.html.

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