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The Texas Certified Capital Company Program (CAPCO), Administered by the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company

Overview of The Texas Certified Capital Company Program

As the Texas economy continued its expansion from the 2001 recession, the need for seed and growth capital for young companies became more intense. Unfortunately, venture capital funds and angel investors were often the only sources of funds for entrepreneurs. In the aftermath of the “dot-com” boom and bust, venture funds became much more risk-averse than they were a decade prior. The result was that there existed an enormous need for capital among startup companies in Texas that otherwise had few funding options.

In 2005 a new economic program addressed this need, authorized by the Texas Legislature in 2001 and implemented in 2005, the Texas Certified Capital Company Program One provided alternative sources of venture capital to Texas entrepreneurs. A Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) is a private government-sponsored venture capital company formed to stimulate job creation and to increase the availability of growth capital for small businesses located in Texas.

Funds were provided by participating insurance companies who, in turn, received premium tax credits equal to 100 percent of the amount of their investment, interest income, and in some cases an opportunity to participate in the profits of a CAPCO. During 2005, ten new Texas CAPCOs were authorized for Program One and together, they raised $200 million of venture capital through certified capital notes or “qualified debt instruments” to insurance companies. In Texas, the state Comptroller of Public Accounts implements and administers the CAPCO program through the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company.

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Current Certified Capital Companies

CAPCO Name and Address Contact and Email Phone
Accent Texas Fund I & II, LP
5300 Bee Caves Road
Building 1, Suite 240
Austin, Texas 78746
Mansoor Ghori
(512) 306-9967
Aegis Texas Venture Fund I & II, LP
11000 Richmond Ave., Suite 550
Houston, Texas 77042
Kevin Dragan
(713) 339-1903,
ext. 12
Matt Malone (Dallas)
(972) 381-2730,
ext. 7730
ATVF II LLC (Texas Ventures)
5090 Richmond Ave., Suite 319
Houston, Texas 77056
Scott Crist
(713) 599-1300
Enhanced Capital Texas Fund I & II, LLC
2802 Flintrock Trace, Suite 220
Austin, Texas 78738
David Orlandella
(512) 610-5555
Shane P. McCarthy
(504) 569-7900
Jim Stanislaus
(512) 391-4404
Nicole Ellender
(504) 569-7900
Lonestar CAPCO Fund, LLC
P.O. Box 637
Austin, Texas 78767
Mike Shultz
(512) 532-3587
Karen Hart (512) 532-3587
Deidra Mills Ryan
(512) 659-5150
Republic Holdings Texas Fund I & II, LP
1601 Rio Grande, Suite 345
Austin, Texas 78701
Ward Greenwood
(512) 494-9754
Stonehenge Capital Texas Fund, Texas, LP
3625 N. Hall Street, Suite 615
Dallas, Texas 75219
Stephen Bennett
(214) 599-8850
Shelley Wittington
(225) 408-3255
Brent Sacha
(214) 599-8850
Texas ACP, LP
5000 Plaza on the Lake, Suite 195
Austin, Texas 78746
Tim Cockshutt (512) 380-1168
Damon Rawie (512) 380-1168
Waveland NCP, Texas Ventures, LP
515 Congress Ave., Suite 1700
Austin, Texas 78701
Paul Deslongchamps
(414) 223-1073
Rick Hayes
(512) 450-5111
Whitecap Texas Opportunity Fund, LP
11412 Bee Caves Road, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78733
David Lee
(512) 402-1717
Greg Egger (770) 576-1987
Wilshire Texas Partners I, LLC
301 Mexico Blvd., H3-A Room 220
Brownsville, Texas 78520
Matt Ash
(212) 356-9500
David Petry
(281) 252-9817

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